Feasibility studies and business plans

Our company offers a comprehensive preparation of a business plan and feasibility study.
Generally it can be said that the feasibility study is an extended version of the business plan – it contains contents of project’s potential analysis.  Those are key documents required in the process of applying for the funding from various financial institutions including banks, lessors and funding from the EU.

Nowadays the access to external sources of financing is more problematic then a few years ago. This includes presenting more and more documents to potential investors, both individual and institutional.

Properly prepared document should ensure investors that the project is feasible, taking into account factors such as:

  • business environment,
  • technical and economic aspects,
  • the expected impact on the environment.

Both the business plan and feasibility study should answer questions:

  • is the project technically feasible?
  • does the investor have resources for its realization and for its maintenance?
  • which of the proposed options is the most efficient in terms of achieving the intended purpose?

We guarantee the highest standards in the preparation of a feasibility study and business plans.