Company liquidation services

Liquidation of a company is often a slow process that usually involves a lot of attention from its owners. Under the current law, even in case of a company which has not commenced business activity yet, the liquidation is an obligatory process.

The liquidation of LLC is governed by the CCC. of art. 270 to art. 290. Therefore, in order to meet our customer needs and help ones that wish to have the least involvement in the process, we offer  help with a liquidation processes, bearing in mind the governmental regulations.

Our specialists involved in monitoring and controlling the liquidation process are working closely with the liquidators of the subject. Within the services we offer:

  • evaluation of the need for liquidation (economic analysis) and calculation of the costs of the process along with pointing out possible profits (stimulations),
  • preparation of financial statements required in the process of liquidation,
  • help in making decision on the alternative options like sale, lease, division, restructuring,
  • preparation of the liquidation plan and its timetable,
  • potential negotiations amongst the owners,
  • support and preparation for shareholders’ meeting in approving the opening of the liquidation of the company,
  • preparing and support in shareholders’ meeting approving the completion of the liquidation,
  • support related to informing the relevant authorities of the deregistration of the subject.