Business valution

Valuation of the company, allows you to specify the value expressed in monetary units adopted by fixed assessments, rules and analysis. Valuation determines the strength and market position of the company. Can also be used in situations such as:

  • change of the legal form of the company’s activities,
  • redistribution of use (eg leasing or renting)
  • internal disagreements or settlement / need for valuation of shares /
  • merger and demerger of a company

Due to the target, there are four basic functions the valuation of companies:

  • advisory – provides data on the value of the company during the process of purchase or sale;
  • negotiation – valuation of the company or its shares affect on the bargaining power to negotiate with customers or banks;
  • information –valuation of company’s shares or the overall valuation of the company provides information on the current situation and opportunities;
  • mediation – helps to resolve internal disputes between the shareholders or owners, and facilitate mutual settlement / valuation of minority /.

The basis of the valuation of the company is a thorough analysis of the current situation – due diligence. The next point is  to show the value determined by different scenarios of development and economic situation. Selecting the right method of depends on company’s economic and market position, its assets and financial status or ability to generate income. The main groups of business valuation methods are:

  • methods of property,
  • income methods,
  • comparative methods,
  • mixed methods.

As part of the services we offer help on:

  • determining the value of companies based on market comparisons, assets, income;
  • determining the fair market value, fair value, the investment value or otherwise requested by the customer;
  • identifying and / or updating the values of selected assets;
  • valuation of brands (brands) and intangible assets;
  • valuation of the company for the purpose of transformation.