Evaluation of brand and trademark

A trade mark represents an inseparable part in the process of building a brand image. It is estimated that intangible assets, depending on the industry and the market, stands for more than 60% of the business. Awareness of certain trade mark’s (brand’s) value allows to increase the effectiveness of marketing management and strategic planning within a company.

The value of the trade mark (brand) can be presented from the point of view of the consumer or the entrepreneur who is the proprietor of the trade mark and uses it commercially.
If analysis of the trade mark (brand) is conducted from the point of view of the consumer is engaged in marketing. On the other side, the one conducted from the point of view of an entrepreneur is engaged in finance and accounting.

As the Polish accounting regulations are extremely complex, the evaluation process requires extensive knowledge and considerable work. We have the right skills and years of experience in the verification of the value of the intangible assets so that our solutions will lead to maximizing the potential of the brand.

Benefits of the valuation of the trade mark include:

  • increase in customer loyalty,
  • increase in margins on individual products,
  • improvement of  the structure of the assets presented in the balance sheet,
  • more effective management and control of the brand,
  • calculated fees for use of evaluated trade mark,
  • determining the real value of the brand, which is useful during the sales process.