Raising capital

Raising capital is a key element that determines company’s development, in some cases guaranteeing its survival. Regardless of the sector that the company works in, the problem with raising capital concerns company on nearly all stages of its existence.

Thanks to the substantial experience in those processes, our experts can help you to manage effectively the process of arranging the financing of your company. Currently we are in touch with most of the funds and commercial banks cooperating in Poland and Central Europe. The knowledge in their requirements and offer make it possible for us to verify very quickly available options of raising capital.

Depending on needs and possibilities of our Clients we support them in processes of raising capital through:

  • private placement of shares on NewConnect or Catalyst markets,
  • gaining a finance investor (f.e. private equity fund or venture capital),
  • trade investor,
  • a loan, leasing or factoring,
  • the European Union funds,
  • the Norwegian Financial Mechanism funds.