We are a consultancy firm that specializes in the area of business and economical advisory. The company was established by dr. Piotr Bober who has been providing advisory services since December of 1996.

While creating the content for our website we gave our best efforts, ensuring the information provided would make it possible for you to get to know our company, as well as the full range of services offered.

The company goals are in line with our clients’ needs. Our knowledge and experience made it possible for us to create various scenarios for a specific company development. Through combining our company’s mission with the individual ideas, we determine a path which our clients should follow in order to reach desired goals. What we have already accomplished and what we continuously pursue towards is certainly an additional advantage in your decision making process with regard to products and services we offer.

We constantly bear in mind the very important principle, upon which the success of our company lays: In order to be able to obtain professional satisfaction as well as economical benefits from the executed activity, we have to create conditions, which make it possible to obtain the same for our Clients. Client satisfaction is a key to our success– this motto is of exceptional meaning to us and contains the whole philosophy of our company operation.

High quality services, stability and safety of the initiated co-operation with our Clients are guaranteed with the high competences of our consultants as well as with the proper equity backing.

The consultant who prepares and executes all of the issues within the given project, also offers his help within the process of choosing products and services that in the best manner suites your needs and expectations, thus saving you a lot of valuable time. Consultant’s high priority is to make sure you are well versed on all the information available and are never under pressure when making a decision. We ensure your comfort through-out the process of mutual contact and the complete discretion while executing our responsibilities.

We also guarantee flexibility and freedom in formation of offer conditions with regard to individual expectations. Such an approach to your financial affairs originates not only from the offer of modern financial products but also from our advisors’ competences. Our consultants are trustworthy, high class professionals, who can be trusted with all financial affairs.

Thus, enjoying the trust of our Associates and Clients, construed upon the intellectual basis as well as upon significant professional experience of the whole organization, our Firm is fully prepared for the execution of any challenge that the future brings along.